Using Latin American Employment Regional Partnerships to Find High Quality Talent

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Using Latin American Employment Regional Partnerships to Find High Quality Talent

There are a lot of employment, regional partners (ERP) in the UK. However, what makes one employment region important is not the presence or absence, but more importantly its relevance to a company’s working practices. In an increasingly global economy where people and jobs cross borders and cultures with surprising regularity, companies increasingly recognise the need for ERP solutions that can work in all cultures and circumstances. Latin American and Asian employment is unique, with its own unique language and culture, but it provides a valuable insight into how a company can work in the Latin world – and how it can be better led.

Latin America is very much part of Latin America – and therefore workers’ rights there are not exactly ‘English standard’, nor are legal provisions the same as those in the UK. Latin American employment law does not protect the rights of employees to bargain collectively, and many employers in Latin America use threats of violence to intimidate and make workers afraid to voice opposition to their employment terms. The Latin American employment market is highly fragmented, with many regional and national companies operating on a local basis. Latin American organisations are also characterised by high levels of corruption and frequently inefficient delivery of services and products. Latin American regional partners should take care to ensure that their human resources are well-trained in English and are familiar with all regulations and rules of labour, including those affecting their employees. Latin American regional partners may also want to take measures to make their companies more conducive to the outsourcing of jobs.

Latin American organisations have developed a strong sector by bringing highly qualified professionals from other countries into the country to train, develop and fill available positions. However, Latin America is still a poor country, and Latin American workers are often poorly paid for the skills they bring to the table. A good Latin American employment agency will make sure it’s fully aware of any laws and regulations regarding compensation and payment, and that the agency is constantly monitoring the wages and conditions of its Latin American workforce. The agency will also insist on regular access to its workers, so that it can monitor any improvements and avoid issues such as long working hours and poor working conditions becoming apparent too late.

A good Latin American employment agency will not just look at the quality of the Latin American worker, but will also consider the legal and ethical implications of employing them. Latin American legislation on labour is far from perfect, and recruitment agencies must therefore be very vigilant in screening their applicants, to minimise any possibility of conflict of interest. An employment contract is one of the most important documents in a Latin American client’s business and should not be given too much weight. Any inaccuracies or omissions in the contract should immediately be resolved.

Finally, Latin American recruitment agencies must ensure that the workers they recruit comply with all of the Latin American labour laws. Any worker recruited under a contractual agreement should receive the same rights and protections that every other employee resident in Latin America is entitled to. In addition to the worker rights considerations, an employment agreement should include provisions for the employer to be replaced in the event of an accident or departure due to a health condition. It is a Latin American company’s responsibility to make sure that its workers have been given adequate information on the rights and obligations of the organisation and are paid in accordance with the Latin American labour law. A good Latin American agency will be able to present your agreement as a fair and just agreement, which can only benefit your business and the Latin American community in which your business operates.

Clearly, an experienced Latin American employment regional partners agency can offer a lot of assistance when it comes to finding quality Latin American talent for your business. Their experience will give you a competitive edge over other businesses that may be more traditional in hiring Latin American workers. They will help you form a logical and fair employment contract and to fully understand all of the legal obligations of employing Latin American labour. They will make sure you have taken all measures possible to mitigate your risk of employing illegal workers and will present your contract as is, so that you can focus on the success of your business.

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