What Is A Regional Partner?

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What Is A Regional Partner?

Newark International Airport (NIA) has many regional partners who have aided the airport tremendously. However, the work is far from complete. The need for further coordination and cooperation between the various partners in the community has only increased. This has resulted in new initiatives like Newark Latin American Business Network and Newark Asian Business Network that will assist regional partners to achieve their own goals.

Newark is one of the hubs for Indian and South Asian flights as well as other Asian partners. Therefore, there are regional partners from Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and China among others. Because of this, a substantial amount of business opportunities have been created in the Newark airport.

This has brought about the creation of a new regional partners network. The New Jersey Regional Airport Partnership Committee was formed with the intent of creating a database of local leaders who are willing to provide services and to network with other local communities in the city. This initiative has already started seeing results.

An additional initiative involves the first-of-its-kind Newark Asian Business Network, which has a chapter in the Middle East and in Pakistan. This initiative has also resulted in other significant achievements for regional partners.

New Delhi is an important trading partner for Indian and Pakistani business in Newark. So, a cross-regional network has been established that links Indian and Pakistani officials in Newark and works towards resolving regional conflicts among South Asian regional partners.

A similar network has also been established in the Philippines, which connects the Newark airport with Manila, the country’s capital city. This network works towards resolving conflict among its residents and has even provided an opportunity for the Manila businessmen to open their own Newark offices.

In fact, the Newark Asian Business Network is helping to raise awareness among Filipino businessmen in Newark and all over the world. This has been achieved through the public relations campaign by the Network. The Newark Community Development Corporation, an international nonprofit organization working on global issues and development has taken note of this initiative and is sponsoring the Newark Business Resource Center to be used by community leaders.

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